The Choiceless Choice: Immersing in the Field of Pure Potentialities

The Choiceless Choice: Immersing in the Field of Pure Potentialities

Three years ago, we found ourselves in the magical land of Tepoztlán, hugged by the purple mountains and blessed to carry out the work in such a sacred land in our first immersion in Latin America. We returned to commit ourselves once more, this time in a longer format of ten days, of immersing and integrating in the powerful, collective field. We started having immersions of this duration only this year—instead of the week-long—as an experiment in Consciousness to see how much further we could take this work.

And to the next level the work certainly unfolded, as was known to Igor Vamadeva and the rest of us in Germany, when a palpable shift was apparent to those who had been in the work for quite some time as the quality in which the immersions themselves took, with the subtle but clear quality of the heart coming through. We know this is only the beginning of the shape and form to come. We sit here in awe, reverence, and sweet anticipation, as we know in our hearts that this is what the earth needs now more than ever—a consecrated space to enact the body of the goddess to be born and carried out into the world, a chance which has not been afforded in today’s world and has been kept for far too long undercover, unacknowledged, unexpressed.

The reminder is that The World is as You See It also precludes that it is in the nature of Consciousness to take any form. It’s in the nature of Consciousness to in a way accept, ascertain, and take that form into whatever way it molds itself. This is the most fascinating, bewildering, incomprehensible, unfathomable…

This is why we gather, and with it, a most beautiful song is released into the ether, vibrating the air with melodies, harmonies, screams, wails—all of it—which  all of us know is not just about ourselves but can intuit that it is at the same time, much greater than ourselves as it speaks through our eyes, ears, mouths, and all of our limbs as that spontaneously moving energy, as grace. Whatever willing vehicle is available, it expresses itself, when given a chance to, in the right time and container. In this way, the immersion is a wholly creative act, where as a group, we dive in the waters of the unknown as that molten state of pure potentiality only to resurface, bathed in newfound bliss, dressed in a new form that has been touched by pure light and pure creativity.

This is the vision of the poet and the sage not only in each of us who were there in Mexico, but each of us reading these words, finding any kind of resonance with what is shared.

The universe of forms and phenomena is Awareness concealing itself in this way so that it can experience itself in such a manner that every experience is authentic, and more than that, it’s authentic because it’s always new.

Most recently, this impulse naturally formed itself as a series of spoken inspirations by Vamadeva known as SEEING THROUGH THE HEART as a response to the ever-evolving nature of this work. It serves as a unique offering that allows one to tap into the inflowing and outflowing waves of creation in the heart, through the participation of Tantric heart-based meditations Vamadeva spontaneously felt called to draw from as a chosen methodology here in the container to bring out another dimension of how this work is experienced altogether.

It is an invitation to, as Igor puts it, “lead you through the lesser defined terrains of your own deeply intimate interiority so as to connect you at the very center of that maze with the core of your being, so that you can partake in that in as direct and visceral way as it is possible.”

Excerpt from the Reflections and Meditations, “SEEING THROUGH THE HEART: The Vision of Poets & Sages” by Igor Kufayev

The quiver at the Heart of Awareness—it is that pulse, that tremor, which infinitesimally resonates through all the spheres of creation, through all heavens, through all the pores, through all the fibers of our being. And it is that throb, that quiver, that we speak of here in terms of what this represents, in terms of what it really means. So it is really one movement. It is really one movement, because it is the movement that belongs to the very Heart of Awareness. But it is experienced as two, and it gives birth to the multiplicity. It is experienced as two because it’s experienced as this what gives rise to this objective experience that belongs to the subject—this objective experience that belongs to me, that belongs to you. This experience right now that we speak of is ceaseless, unstoppable; it’s all there is. It is this moment that brings forth the possibility for intimacy—this intimacy that connects us beyond the level and beyond the plane where we behold each other.

There is this beautiful saying among the Sufis: “Lovers do not find each other in the end; they have always been each other in the first place.” And that’s what we speak about here. This is what we speak to in essence; that this one movement within the heart, which is here—which gives rise to this apparent existence—that I can speak to you and you can hear me, and you can partake in that by virtue of this possibility. Which is both so obvious, so straightforward, and yet incomprehensible—because in essence, that what really speaks does not utter a single word. That what hears, has no ears. That what is communicated is already known—so how can that be?

And then there comes this revelation: that the wish to live from the heart is not even a personal affair. It has little to do with preferences that we may have. It may be experienced as deepest longing, but in essence it is one and the only choice, a choiceless choice. It’s something that we are simply being summoned into; we merely respond to the call. The call which is there, resonating already as that humming of the original striking of the bell that is left there at the beginning of time, that reabsorbs us back into the hand of the Creator. This is where all Lovers meet, as the tradition says; this is where they all get summoned up.

And what that place—the heart—here represents, therefore, is not some fanciful idea; it’s not some romantic place for adding into the busy life that we live. It is one and the only reality of what is taking place whilst we are going busy through this life with filling ourselves with the variety of responsibilities of what is done and what yet needs to be done. So this understanding that unless we respond to that call to live from the heart, all our actions are but in vain. All is but an attempt to find some excuse to revel in that status quo, which has very little to do with the reality of the situation. It’s simply yet one of the many distractions that we call life, many distractions that we have. So living from the heart, it’s a reconciliation—a reconciliation of what it truly means to be human, what it truly means to be here who one already is. So it’s not a choice. Therefore we speak about it in this manner, in this way: it’s not an option. It’s simply an answer to that what we’ve been asked for, before our coming into here. It’s simply rising to what everything rises, because of that unstoppable force which has that movement within itself. Movement, like the plant rises to the sunlight and opens all its branches and leaves so as to absorb that light…

– Igor Kufayev, Northern Germany, August 2022. Find out more about the offering here:

We have a full schedule of events already planned for next year in 2023. Our next immersion will be as early as April next year in Mallorca, Spain. If you feel the calling to join us and immerse yourself in this work of Grace, we welcome you with open hearts:

UPDATE: We will be returning to this beautiful venue of Buena Vibra Hotel in Tepoztlán, Mexico later this year. Igor Kufayev will be holding a full 10-day immersion in Nov/Dec 2023. For more details and booking:

Photos taken at the 10-day Immersion with Igor Vamadeva at Hotel La Buena Vibra, Tepoztlán, October 12-21, 2022. Courtesy of Flowing Wakefulness. 

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