That Place between Heaven and Earth

That Place between Heaven and Earth

An invitation to partake in a shared intention, in honor of this special day of January 5th, the birthday of our teacher Igor Kufayev.

“Our soaring spirits unite in the deeply shared desire to become what we are, and in doing so, uplift everything in our environment…”

Since as early as 2013, Igor has had the fortune of traveling around the world to share what is most dear to his heart with those who recognize it for what it is. In this moment, all the signs and intuitions are pointing in another direction where the time has come to cast the body of the teaching into physical form, as a spiritual center that will serve as a unique expression of this vibrant work.

It is here where we wish to share the intention of making this move towards the physical center on the ground, somewhere in central Europe—where the Vastu of the center has been astrologically determined to unfold most auspiciously in the geographical area that spans south of London, north of Barcelona, east of Berlin and north of Rome. The next few years have been verified to have the support of a powerful combination of the planets behind the dharmic undertaking of building a stable center where the teaching can further unfold.

Igor Vamadeva’s Reflections on the Pathless Path and Setting the Intentions. Mallorca, January 5th, 2023

This is a decision that has formed over many years of “being on the road” together and realizing that one of the most important aspects of this work is something that goes beyond any means of language or capacity to relate and express in the fullness of its experience. This center comes at the time when we’ve realized that it is a necessity to give this work a solid base—that place between the Heaven and Earth—grounded and sustained as a constantly functional, energetically-pulsating hub from which these vibrations are emitted into the environment, impregnating its walls and deep beneath the soil upon which it rests; where people will come and go, and perhaps always maintained by a small group of dedicated meditators to keep the flame of consciousness as it were, lit.

We have realized that this is the time when we are ready—when the world is ready and everything has come into place. So, as we collectively gather our energies, we welcome everyone who reads these words to partake in this intention-setting with us. In the coming weeks and months, we will communicate more on the major steps towards the manifestation of this idea and we will invite many of you—those who are positioned in life, if you feel this calling—to be part of this at whatever level you are willing or able to be of service or support.

The geographical region determined to be most suitable to house the first regeneration center.

Forming the cornerstone of the Tantric teachings that Igor expounds, undergoing spiritual processes is about the embodiment of living as the universe in this very body—not to transcend into another realm outside ourselves. Personal transformation here, in this regard, is not just talking and hearing about it but actually bringing the level of the human neurophysiology to its optimum level of cognition. When that takes place, it becomes that magic which reverberates throughout all the vibratory power in the universe that holds it all together. And in the Self-evident, Self-impactful, Self-referential level of that ocean of sound, that which begins to express itself at the level of manifestation is embedded with a greater and greater degree of coherence, symmetry, harmony, balance, and beauty. This center will serve as the nexus that will bring the energy of transcendence down to the physical plane of reality, as the work we do brings greater and greater light into the unlit corners of the world.

Starting with the legendary moment at Mt. Tam in Northern California in 2014, when Igor just began wafting his shawl during the group meditations propelled by nothing more than a spontaneous but knowing urge to facilitate the pranic processes in this manner, as the Shakti herself would have it, there was a distinct moment when the energetic current became accelerated as the field itself took on another character altogether. This quickly resulted in participants exhibiting the whole range of spontaneous yogic processes (kriyas) fully on display: from shaking and trembling, swaying and jumping, hopping and contorting, or becoming completely immovable like a rock, to choreography-like movements, as if from classical Indian dance, with hands locked in perfect mudras. The whole gamut of internal and external manifestations is experienced, described in the texts as involuntary asanas, pranayamas, mudras, bandhas and glossolalia.

Initiated even in those who’ve never sat to meditate before, these manifestations are accompanied by a qualitative change in consciousness of those who undergo these programs. Furthermore, these manifestations are also giving us the reassurance that it is our responsibility to establish a proper place, a proper physical space for this work to unfold steadily somewhere; grounded in the immediate surrounding of nature, yet reachable by those who would like to benefit, contribute, and be part of it.

This phenomenon is not unique to our programs, having been noted by those with enough experience of having witnessed this level and potency of kriyas in advanced meditation programs or in pockets of India where this knowledge is much more known and made familiar. However, as testified by even those native to that country and to the advanced yogic processes, the sheer consistency and the level of engagement among participants—nearly all participants having some external or internal indication of enlivening their pranic field—within Igor’s immersions is not something that has been seen before. This has been further verified when we’ve worked with Dr. Jeffery Martin, a pioneer in consciousness studies who specializes in scientifically measuring higher states of consciousness, where he expressed astonishment at the levels of brain coherence measured at these immersions back in 2016.

This greater process known in the Tantric scriptures as Samavesha—which is where the term “immersion” itself came from—accurately depicts what is happening in these containers. In deep states of meditative trance, one is being re-claimed by the power of creative intelligence in its various archetypal forces (shaktis), which expresses itself through the vessel of human physiology. According to Tantra, this process of samavesha brings about the full transformation of human Consciousness.

A notable feature that has accompanied this work from 2014 is the spontaneous vocalizations and over-toning among immersion participants, where a full range of tones and harmonies are sounded through the vocal cords of the participants involuntarily, yet in harmonious distinguishable melodies. The beauty of these angelic sounds reach a level that brings tears to the eyes and the ability to soothe the deepest parts of ourselves—nothing short of extraordinary and other worldly as has been exclaimed many times by the immersion participants themselves.

These sounds are rare involuntary Kriyas spontaneously manifesting as synchronised overtone singing and humming in a state of deep trance, recorded during the Shaktipat (transmission) based meditation as part of the week-long immersion entitled ‘Feminine Powers of God’. The Ralston White Retreat Center, Mill Valley, CA. Oct 29 – Nov 5, 2014.

Hard-pressed to find a precedent, these living breathing hymns have been likened to the ancient songs which harken back to the times of the vocalizations and the harmonic tones of the occult passages of the Pythagoreans, or those of certain Early Christian monastic orders throughout more recent history.

This gives us the indication that we are in the presence of something which is greater than the sum total of the parts of this work, and we are also indebted to that: to allow that which is expressing itself, something that wants to vocalize itself through us. Something extraordinary is happening here, way beyond any one of us, and it is already beginning to make itself heard. A new song of the Goddess.

Let us be together, let us eat together, let us be vital together,
let us be radiating truth, radiating the light of life.
Never shall we denounce anyone, never entertain negativity.

— Taittiriya Upanishad, Shanthi Patha


  1. Dearest Master-ji, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope that all the great plans for the coming years will be carried by the power of the light to fast fulfillment and success! Thank you from the Heart for all your guidance and support.

  2. Thank you for this invitation and opportunity on the blessed day of your birthday, Vamadeva. May this center manifest in full glory and power for what it is set out to be, and may the rays of light which emanate from it benefit all beings.
    Jai Guru Dev

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