Shaking it to Stillness

Shaking it to Stillness

Shaking it to Stillness at Gut Saunstorf


“More than ever before, time demands we remain completely ourselves. It is a very tender, delicate time for us – we should not become angry, indifferent, or sad; we should just be like an ocean. The evolutionary power is waking up. We shake it, then leave it; then after some time shake it again. Each time a new level of purity, awakening is added.” 
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1992

After all this time of uncertainty we’ve gathered again—against all odds, idle speculations, and a lack of reliable consensus—to share space and to shake the ground again as many but one unified field. Generated by many heartbeats and streams of individual intentions only to merge in the void of the heart and reemerge as the humming of sound of that primordial song—so ancient and intimately familiar, yet always new and unknown. The only way to know it is to partake in that field in the heart of one’s own, and since we’ve realised (some time ago) that this—what happens when we gather, what manifests itself as a greater sum of individual experiences—is ineffable, indescribable and cannot be put into words no more than an attempt to dress into language a lingering scent of a precious incense, or a light that comes from the face of a child awakened from a deep sleep. The best we can do is to share some of the images, which speak for themselves, for the sake of the joy for all to partake in whichever way it may—and reflect those precious moments when we’ve gathered to shake it, and to shake it again…

— Igor Kufayev, September 2021


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At the immersion, Igor put to words the ineffable mystery of the human body and how it is in fact ’wired’ to experience the fullness of the Self. “The true appreciation of being in the body comes precisely from that wonder—wonder of existence—a sheer wonder how consciousness can actually be at once bound and unbound. Boundless yet within the boundaries.”



“…So, enlightenment is a maturation of the individuation, where the individuation itself is reconciled for what it is. No ego-trip, no ego-death we are speaking about here. It is a continuous maturation of individuality until it fully reaches the state of maturity in its truly universal sense – then we call it universal egoity. One is the Universe. Whatever one does – it’s irrelevant, because one acts or does not act as the Universe in its full measure. So, therefore enlightenment is not a moment in time as the neurophysiological path to Self-realization. And since we speak about it here, which is a very important addition, still with reference to how consciousness here prefers to be experiencing itself through the human body. Therefore it boils down to this maturity which is inseparable from the progressive attunement or tuning of the nervous system. Again, variously spoken and referred to as refinement of perception…”

– Igor Kufayev



The serene ambiance of Gut Saunstorf and the softly raining, cloudy weather gave us the perfect setting for deep diving in meditation. The presence of Grace was felt palpably and powerfully throughout the whole immersion and it continues to reverberate in our cells, ceaselessly undulating like waves on the ocean.

We can’t wait to gather again in person soon—an impromptu full 3-day Winter immersion in the wild-romantic Black Forest was fully booked up overnight. So stay tuned for future live events with Igor in 2022, we have exciting plans for Europe and the Americas!

Photos taken at the week-long Meditation Immersion with Igor Vamadeva at Gut Saunstorf, Germany, Aug 22 – 29, 2021.

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  1. Thank you for this exquisite Journal sharing that carries the vibration left after the ground of consciousness has been shaken, as has been routinely kept up by those courageous enough to bring forth the light!

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