Fullness of Being

Fullness of Being

Guru Purnima ~ Fullness of Being

Tribute to our beloved Teacher

“That glory is more hidden than the hidden. But when the look of the Guru falls upon one, one is overwhelmed and that glory becomes the most obvious of obvious things.”


On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima which coincides with a lunar eclipse this year, all teachers of every form and endeavor are celebrated, yet we give particular acknowledgement to and appreciation for the teacher of the Spirit. As students of consciousness, we look towards the one who has full mastery of the Self to guide us to become a knower of reality.

Today we also pay our deepest respect to the tradition which has allowed for this unbroken chain of Self-knowledge to be passed on from heart to heart as that eternal guru principle. May this enacting principle of the guru be one which is enlivened in each of us, but let us not forget to recognize the guru in its outer form, as a physical manifestation of the guru within each of us.

The guru in the flesh is the most potent and powerful of reminders of what it means to embody consciousness and to “divinize matter.” For us, it is the form we give our attention to and have the unique opportunity to establish a relationship with. May this day allow the light of this sacred relationship illumine what lies most deeply within our hearts.

With deepest gratitude and reverence we bow to our beloved Teacher Igor Vamadeva who lights the pathless path for us, and to the eternal lineage of the Siddhas. Within the depth of the heart, we give thanks for the greatest of all blessingsthe bestowal of grace, spiritual knowledge and life-transforming teachings. We honor and pay deep respect to Vamadeva’s own beloved Guru His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his Master Brahmananda Saraswati. Fortunately for us, there have always been these rare, extraordinary Masters who transmit the knowledge of the Self, safeguard the process of transformation to the full embodiment of enlightenment, and who act in the role of the highest service to humankind.

“Guru Purnima day is structured in pure knowledge. It comes year after year to bring the awakening of totality of life. It unfolds the full potential of knowledge and brings to fulfillment the master-disciple relationship. It is the master-disciple relationship, and that expresses itself in its totality: Full potential of all possibilities. It is a very special day, it’s a very special day for us.”

– HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Having merged with the guru principle, a spiritual Master embodies it completelythe all-pervading, impersonal aspect of the guru principle and the individuality are united in fullness in a living adept. In those beings, the mastery of the Self spills naturally and inevitably into the diversity and complexity of the field of life. This is why Vamadeva guides and encourages us to let this inherent quality of creativity blossom and to bring it into the domain of the marketplace—to become an artist of life. It is through our Teacher’s own example of living as a householder with his beautiful family—as artist, philosopher, lover of tea and crazy wisdom teacher—that we endlessly receive and are inspired by the stream of beauty, wisdom and compassion that flow through him.

May manifold blessings be showered on our Teacher and his sacred work—today and always. May we nurture the gift of the awakened Shakti by assimilating the teachings, and by walking this path of the heart shown by our Guru. May we use this auspicious day today to offer our prayers and gratitude, and to renew our commitment to know the inner truth. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, may we celebrate the blessing and fullness of Grace in our lives.

Om pūrnam adah
pūrnam idam
pūrnāt pūrnam udacyate.
Pūrnasya pūrnam ādāya
pūrnam evāvaśisyate.

Om. Śāntih śāntih śāntih.  

That (Absolute) is Full. This (Relative) is Full. From Fullness comes fullness. By fullness it is sustained and into fullness it is reabsorbed. What remains is fullness. Peace, Peace, Peace

Guru and Personal Aspect of God

by Igor Kufayev

Guru Purnima is the day which is traditionally associated with the worship and remembrance of one’s spiritual preceptor, although obviously Guru Purnima goes beyond just the worshipping of this or that particular individual.

The Guru here is the principle behind all liberations. It’s the principle which conceals and reveals reality as it is. It is that very beautiful relationship which unfolds deep within one’s own Heart, and takes one beyond limitations of any kind. So it seems appropriate to respond to the question of the role of the guru in this whole process. The question comes from someone who would like to have reconfirmation and reaffirmation of the role of the guru and also of the ishta-devata. In this case, ishta-devata, in Sanskrit, stands for the personal aspect of God, or the personal aspect of whatever divine being one chooses to worship or dedicate one’s impulses of attention, awareness, and love towards. 

So what is this whole notion of the guru? To me, it seems appropriate to give a very practical example, which is related to any field of life that requires some form of study—some form of craftsmanship—some form of learning process. This may be any type of craft that we learn in life—whatever that craft may be. It relates to academic, intellectual disciplines, and it relates to the arts, such as music, dance, painting, and poetry. In all of these areas, the role of a teacher is simply indispensable. Let’s take music, for example. In the very process of learning, it’s not just about acquiring mastery over a certain instrument. The instrument could be one’s voice, a violin, a sitar, or any other instrument, a wind instrument, a flute. One could think, “okay, I can just get the manual and follow precisely all the given instructions, and with time and practice, I will master this or that instrument.” This is true to a degree, but anyone who has ever dedicated themselves to the proper learning of music knows that it is the role of the teacher that frees one from unnecessary errors that inevitably accompany the learning process. It would be much more difficult, and take much longer, to acquire understanding in terms of musical learning, and to acquire the necessary discrimination during the process, without the direct participation of a preceptor.

Not only that, but there is the risk of amateurishness that often accompanies those who embark on a study of arts all on their own. There are, of course, exceptions of those who were able to attain a complete mastery of a certain art that they dedicated themselves to without any guru. But even then, it is not proper to say that they did not have a guru. Maybe they didn’t have the living being who was instructing them, or initiating them in certain subtleties of that or this craft. However, there was always something that they bounced off of, something that they had been exposed to. For example, in terms of painting, there may have been some images that this disciple went and partook of in direct company, something that he or she copied, studied, and looked at with great attentiveness; and in that process of looking, relating, and studying, one could say that the very role of the guru was hidden. 

So, transferring this into the field of spiritual practice—it makes no difference whatsoever. With a spiritual disciple, it’s the same process of learning, like in any field of life. When you learn to draw, there is the necessity of the master who will come and just give you that one simple little suggestion that will move your creativity and your growth to a degree that—alone—would take you much longer. Likewise, with spiritual practice, the same necessity exists. It’s exactly the same because having the guru frees you from unnecessary pitfalls and attempts, where you would still remain an amateurish seeker.

The importance of the role of the guru is also related to the readiness of the aspirant. Because that relationship, when it comes to spiritual practice, and to spiritual integration, is very much in play. Very often, the real understanding or role of the guru comes forth when the seeker himself or herself is fully ripened, so that the process can bear its fruit and reach its climax of mutual enrichment.

Up until that happens, there are always these internal dilemmas, resistances, and dialogues, which prevent one from accepting the fact that one needs some form of guidance, some form of reassurance, some form of confirmation—and not only at the early stages. In fact, at the early stages, very often we can make it with our own devices. It is from the moment when the awakening takes place that the role of the guru becomes much more prominent, because that is when the guru really safeguards the whole process, safeguards the real hidden dangers associated with the awakening process itself. It also safeguards the process from the inflation of a very subtle sense of self-importance—let’s call it just that. One may think that the gross ego association with this very body has been diminished, or has even completely gone. Some call it the death of the ego.

But then, what happens is that a very subtle spiritual sense of individuality comes into play, which is much more subtle, and much more difficult to recognize and keep firmly in check, because it speaks as the very voice of one’s awakened spirituality. This voice clouds clear understanding and clear judgment, because of that very hidden nature of the still limiting aspect. This is when the role of the guru is very important, because the guru can immediately point this out, to the one in whom awakening is already in full force, and say, “yeah, this subtle process is still under way,” and so help to free one from that unnecessary struggle on the subtle level.

The role of the guru is still very important at the initial stages of Self-realization because it is the master—it is the guru—who actually says that you are indeed That. And for that reason, there’s a tradition of great sayings—the Mahavakyas—where the aspirant shares with the master, his or her very own intimate experiences. The master then reconfirms the validity of these experiences which, in turn, are being recognized by the one who is experiencing it as truly one’s own state. So it’s like constant adjustment—very fine adjustment. It’s like truth mirroring each other until it comes to a point when only truth remains.

But that relationship doesn’t even disperse then. From there on, it has a flow of its own. It has beauty of its own. The practical purposes may have outlived themselves, but there’s something else that comes into play. Then that relationship becomes the relationship of Lover and Beloved. It’s a dear friendship. It can take many different forms.

It is very well known that many Great Masters, upon attaining full realization of their Self, continued that subtle relationship with their own gurus. They continued offering their worship, offering their devotion. Why? One might say that the role of the guru was complete, all done, and that so-and-so was now a guru in his or her own right. So what was the purpose of all that ongoing devotion?

This goes beyond words; it cannot be put into language. It is too subtle to convey. Yet, one can see that the relationship still continues. It has just moved to the level where it is so subtle, that one would almost not dare to address it at all, but just to leave it—leave it for one to experience directly, first hand.

So a few words about ishta-devata, because there’s a distinction that needs to be made, between ishta-devata and one’s guru. What’s the main difference? Because they sometimes overlap and superimpose, and one’s ishta-devata could be one’s guru, and one’s guru could be one’s ishta-devata. However, one’s guru is one’s teacher; it’s one’s preceptor. And ishta-devata is that personal aspect of god. It’s that individualized aspect of the Absolute with which one has a direct relationship.

In Indian tradition, it is very beautifully described as saguna: form. Saguna means that which has a form, and ishta-devata has a form. It is easier to worship ishta-devata with a form, rather than the one, like in the case of nirguna, which has no form. Worship of the form is much more immediate, because we are a living embodiment, and we live in a form. So that makes it easier for us to relate to another form, however subtle that form is. The ishta-devata, itself, plays the role of a very fine focal point. It is that focus which allows us to see everything with greater clarity. And there comes a moment when subject and object merge together, known as merging with one’s ishta-devata. When one’s devotion is powerful enough, it literally carries one in subtle waves of awareness towards that object of worship. There comes a moment, eventually, when one’s awareness literally superimposes to such a perfect degree with the object of worship, that it becomes indistinguishable from it. And from that point on, one’s ishta-devata becomes one’s living reality.

There is one thing I want to add. There is a little, but very important, distinction that needs to be made. We live in a time when there are a lot of spiritual teachers—a lot of spiritual preceptors. Not all of them, however, could be named a guru. Now why make that distinction? Why bother? Why even discriminate, or differentiate? After all, everyone fulfills their role; and indeed, every teacher fulfills his or her given role. However, the difference makes all the difference. The spiritual teacher, by and large, is like the teacher in your primary school who gives you the necessary skills, knowledge, and basis upon which you can deepen your understanding and deepen your knowledge, as you go more into that process of acquiring greater and greater understanding—greater and greater degree of embodiment. Some teachers are not far from being therapists, and their role very much borders on therapy. They implement a lot of psychology in their teaching, which has a validity of its own.

However, when we speak of the masters—the gurus—it is the very principle that they embody. It is the direct transmission of that spiritual energy which cannot be apprehended through any intellectual means. So, the real role of the guru goes beyond just giving certain knowledge. It is that very, very subtle process of transmission that we’re talking about here: that transmission which only takes place on the Heart-level.

That does not, of course, undermine the role of the spiritual teacher, or any other teacher, who comes into your life—not at all. It’s just so that one understands the role of the spiritual teacher versus what guru really stands for. And as that very English term master indicates, the guru is the one who has complete mastery of that craft which he or she has come to embody in full measure. So it is the mastery of one’s own self that is the main indicator of a true guru: a total mastery of the Self over the self. It is life lived on that level where the Self knows Itself in all circumstances. It is Unity Consciousness in the full measure of that term.

– Igor Kufayev – Guru Purnima Darshan, “Guru and Personal Aspect of God,” Santanyi, Mallorca

In service, and with deep Love and infinite Gratitude ~

Jai Guru Dev!

Your dedicated students and team members of Flowing Wakefulness



Portrait of Igor Vamadeva, Freiburg, Germany, October 2019

The Gallery of Sages, left to right:

1) Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Joytir Math of Himalayas
2) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Teacher-Student Interactions:

1 & 2) Igor & Disciples during “Unveiling the Rose” immersion, Gut Saunstorf, Germany, 2017
3) Igor & Disciple during “Aesthetic Rapture – Tantra’s Hidden Path and the Power of Beauty,” Assisi, Italy, 2018

Puja to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mexico, January 2019

Watch the YouTube clip of the Guru Purnima Darshan here:


  1. Thank you, dearest Igor Vamadeva-ji for opening the doors to divine grace and for being such a pillar of support!
    Thank you for all your efforts, for your selfless service, for walking this path with us and for guiding us step by step towards discovering our true self.

    I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher!

    With deep love and gratitude on this most auspicious day,

    Happy Guru Purnima!

    Your Shishya

  2. veerle hollevoet says:

    Today is Guru Purnima, the full moon dedicated to the teachers ~
    Jai Guru Dev!!
    All love and gratitude for your guidance and blissfull teachings dearest Igor Vamedeva,
    From heart to heart a connection beyond the beyond.
    Jai Guru Dev !

  3. Thank you for all your blessings, guidance and inspirations. My heart is filled with gratitude for the grace of being your student.
    Humble Pranams from my heart to you dear Igor Vamadeva!

    Jai Guru Dev ♥️

    With Love

  4. Thomá Dattatreya says:

    Dearest Teacher,
    We love You for everything You stand for ~ the Love, Magnanimous Generosity, Valour, Piercing Integrity, Velvet Presence, just to name a few Facets of the immortal Diamond embodying the Tradition.
    Thank You for Being that unwavering Support to confront the illusions of the personal self.
    May we enjoy the Fruits or our Actions together and leave behind a Legacy beyond Time and Space.
    Jai Guru Dev!

  5. Thank you, Vamadeva, for continually showing us the light and the way. Thank you for being a living exemplar of Warrior-ship on this path to wholeness. With love and respect, Pamela

  6. Helena Zingarella says:

    Pranams on this auspicious day. Pranams to you Vamadevaji for holding this holy space for us Shishyas, Pranams for all the Siddhas before you, who allowed and keep on allowing Grace to be carried on and into the world, from teacher to teacher, like pearls on a string. The world needs it and I am grateful to be at the receiving end of such a blessing, I am grateful to adventure through the many layers that conceal and reveal the experience of life, the Truth of Spirit.

    Jai Guru Dev <3

  7. Dear Vamadeva, I always feel your heart with mine, and I know this was meant to be. I feel the infinity, and the incomprehensible beauty, and I am filled with gratitude. May your days be long and fruitful on this earth with us. And may our Holy Mother continue to bless you always
    Jai Guru Dev
    Jai Shakti Ma
    -~Bhumi Devi

  8. Sundari Ma says:

    Dearest Vamadeva ji ~

    What a wondrous blessing it is to be with you in this lifetime… and to surrender into this one Heart that holds this sacred relationship in place. I’m joining in this song of love and joy, offering my deepest gratitude and prayers to you! Thank you for molding us into who we are meant to become, and for invoking Beauty with every breath that you make. May countless seekers be guided into your shining presence to quench their thirst and taste the infinite bliss of their own Being.

    With all my heart,

    Jai Guru Dev

    Sundari Ma

  9. maliczilyas says:

    Dear Vamadeva,

    A gentle and strong thank you from the heart. For the many times I was moved by you, the openings in the veil through which I could experience Truth and Beauty.
    Many thanks for opening up my perception so I live life more intensely, more involved, with more beauty and Fully.
    With love and gratitude

  10. says:

    Dear Vamadeva,

    It is a joy to greet you on this day of Fullness, the day of the Guru, this day of Guru Purnima. I never thought I would be so Blessed to have three Gurus in my life, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and You Vamadeva-ji. This Fullness being poured into Fullness, being poured into Fullness… What words can ever capture the Living Embodied Infinity unfolding It Self, by It Self and through It Self? I’m only left with this feeling of Love and Gratitude to Guru Dev, Maharishi-ji, and You Vamadeva. I offer my Love and Surrender myself at your Feet on this Day of Guru Purnima.
    Much Love to You,

  11. Deepest Honor
    Deepest Gratitude
    Deepest Humility
    Deepest Devotion

    Blessed is the Day
    That brought me
    To You

    Falling silently
    At your feet

    Finally Safe

    In Reverence….

    Jai Guru Dev
    Jai Shakti Ma


  12. Dearest Vamadeva,

    It is a blessing to be immersed in your guidance.
    Filled with deep gratitude for the pure beauty you radiate that awakes the most delicate impulses of my heart.

    Jai Guru Dev!

    With all my heart,

  13. For the one who abides in paradise
    For the one who illumines the path
    For the piercing light which dispels
    The mystery of unknowing 
    For the fire of courage 
    For the unified vision
    For the call to freedom
    (Gently, gently
    homeward bound!)
    For the love that remains
    For our precious teacher
    On this auspicious day 
    I offer my deepest gratitude
    To the poetry of your existence
    How blessed we are
    To sip from the pure waters
    Of your being.

    “The light of thy music illumines the world.
    The life breath of thy music runs from sky to sky.”

    I bow at your feet 
    To your infinite grace. 

    Jai Guru Dev!

    With love, 

  14. Happy Guru Purnima! As one of your newer students, I can only let you know that I resonate at my highest level with all of your teachings, words and energy. It has been only through the Grace that I have stumbled upon you and knew immediately in my Heart that here, here is the Teacher I have been praying for, at the most auspicious time, You have appeared! I cannot wait for the online course and the pleasure of meeting you and this beautiful, loving community sometime in person very soon. SO much gratitude and Love!! _(())_ Linda Ananda

  15. Karen Miller says:

    Dearest Igor~Vamadeva, (on this sacred day of Guru Purnima),

    Firstly, I stand in awe of that unknowable, unnameable “Something” which, in the realm of “the potential of all possibilities” possessed the wisdom of incorporating the Guru function into the grand scheme of things.

    Thank you, my dearest Teacher, for your sacrifice, for accepting/surrendering to/taking on what was/is surely your divine destiny.

    Thank you for taking on the awesome task of guiding others (me) to the Real, assisting us, through your powerful transmission, to release the Unreal.

    Thank you for your willingness to tread the path yourself, for demonstrating through your own life, the fullness of what it means and looks like to enter fully in, to live the “ordinary” life of a householder, in all the nitty-gritty facets of that role, all the while maintaining that vibrant Consciousness of the Divine Human Being.

    Thank you for the intense efficacy of your speech as it so powerfully, and eloquently flows as Vak, sifting Divine, Eternal truths down through the layers until, flowing from your lips, we can hear, comprehend, and be imbued with the knowledge and the desire to also live these Truths.

    Thank you for loving us and for guiding us home,

    All my love and deepest gratitude,

    Jai Guru Dev,

    Your student,

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