This Is An Invitation

This Is An Invitation


by Helena Zingarella


This is an invitation
Be still and breathe
for those stretched out arms to turn visible
and they will account of a sweet embrace
a motherly one

This is an invitation
to sink under the surface of disturbance
under the stories of the mind
trying to find a possible forecast
of how things might turn out
how they might look and smell and feel
trying to flip left and right
like a fish caught in a net
battling for breath

This is an invitation
into unknown shores
where the wind blows its breath of newness,
and of hopes, it gathered on the way,
brushing over the heads and hearts
of those who prayed for years
for change to come,
for the stirring of calcified structures
for the magic amnesty of rebirth

This is an invitation
from surrender herself
calling you into her will
into the revelation of your blueprint
vibrating stronger amidst the quietude
of a world standing still.
Sink into the pulsating whisper
that thunders in your core.
Let it infuse your breath
with the knowing beyond understanding.

This is an invitation
Into recognizing the fragility of our thrones,
into interconnectedness becoming obvious,
into slowing down what has uncontrollably speeded up,
into allowing the suppressed to surface.
Into introspection, compassion, patience, quietude.
into spring cleaning your house from fear
into a gentle tuning into new rhythms
into being taken over by life.

This is an invitation
To turn your divine responsibility into action
Like a Ninja, plant your feet in beingness
be a pillar of light in the meadow of distress
Just the way you were trained by Spirit over myriads,
breathe your gift among the sorrow
Stay open
Hold the field


Appreciate a blue sky
behold nature’s willingness for redemption.
Maybe if we stop destroying her lungs
stop stealing the breath that belongs to all creatures
She will not have to show us on our small individualized perspective,
that we hurt our own lungs.
Honor the Earth.

This is an invitation.

– Helena Zingarella


Image: Brahmanda, the Cosmic Egg


  1. So beautiful and touching, thank you!

    1. Olinda Larralde Ortiz says:

      Thank you for this gift of clarity ✨

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