Touch of Grace & The Rise of Gnosis

Touch of Grace & The Rise of Gnosis

Our last Immersion of the year


The year is coming to an end, and this last Immersion of 2017 has been a beautiful wrap up for many of us, and an integral last step into a new perspective about ourselves.


At the beginning of the year Igor announced that this year will be all about “growing up” – beyond our childhood wounds that still reverberate throughout our psyches; beyond the identity we have created around suffering we experienced throughout our lives; beyond tendencies that reign upon our behavior. He encouraged us to find the courage to “stand as Consciousness” – unstained and ever free and yet full of compassion for the ever-changing human aspect of ourselves. He called it “re-parenting” ourselves, and I believe many of us have gotten to experience what that entails. In one of the discourses back in September, when speaking of whom this work is meant for, Igor exclaimed; “This Path is for the artist, the entrepreneur, the non-conformist, the maverick, the daring, it is for the pirate…”. It is walking into the unknown with only the Heart as compass and fully trusting the divine intelligence running through every fibre of existence. It’s been a tough rally for me personally, but a beautiful one. Pain and beauty so often come hand in hand, and remembering that is so helpful in facing the challenges of the process and learn to surrender to the divine intelligence of the Goddess.


Fortunately This intelligence is so very present in our awareness. As a result of the transmission of Grace that our Teacher bestows on us, we start to perceive the laws of the universe more and more clearly, as they slowly reveal themselves before our eyes and in our hearts, guiding us back into the natural synch with the universe.



In this very last event of the year, we gathered for three days in Freiburg to explore the theme of Touch of Grace & The Rise of Gnosis – The Role of Transmission of Spiritual Power in Catalyzing the Spontaneous Rise of Knowledge through Bliss on the Path of Gnosis.’ Igor spoke for the very first time extensively about this Power of Transmission, known in Yogic lore as Shaktipat – about its nature, its meaning and its cultivation, and about the consequent rise of the ultimate inner Knowing.



Many hearts were touched as Igor gave voice to what otherwise is experienced in the intimate field of our awareness when we receive the Shakti and rarely finds any other expression than the deep gratefulness we feel in our hearts as layers of energies find liberation through our human vessel. He spoke of the freeing of archetypal aspects of divine intelligence that for so long were kept under the carpet, trapped in our cultural settings and therefore giving rise to a collective psychosis. He spoke about the many faces of the Goddess that were banned from our psyches, turning the caregivers of the planet into a dangerous parasite. The tears that were flowing came from deep within the Earth herself.



Igor conveyed that the awakening of Kundalini is the process of maturation of the psyche, a baptism through fire into who we are – it is the maturing of the individual, the maturing of Ahamkara (sense of self, or ego) that is needed, before we fully can offer this individuality into the fires of the Goddess Bhairavi and with that die to our true Self – This is the Path of healing and re-integration of the Soul, individual or collective. Igor drew the path to Oneness into the sand before our eyes, and God knows our Hearts resonated.



So this year closes with a maturing process that changed us all throughout the last 365 days and that will continue and root into wonderful new projects in the new year.



This last Immersion opened its doors to many newcomers, wonderful souls that we connected with deeply, and we are so happy to provide more opportunities in 2018 to come in and find the true purpose why Consciousness is in this body. What we experience inside of this work is so magical, and the next year will birth our first center and finally give home to a shared vision budding in a held space since quite a while…


With grateful hearts to our Teacher for the guidance we have received throughout this so turbulent and so very illuminating year!


Jai Guru Dev




All pictures taken at Touch of Grace & The Rise of Gnosis – Immersion in Freiburg, Germany, Dec 2017 

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