Giving Thanks…

Giving Thanks…


One Sangha – On two sides of the Big Pond


Knowing that our Sangha family in the US is celebrating Thanksgiving, we as European Sangha would like to express our gratitude for our spiritual family, for sharing this beautiful Path, and for the abundance, life has given us through being connected within this powerful field of our Teacher.

We share a truly exciting adventure, through so many dimensions and so many different rasas this experience has to offer – from the most silly ones to the most terrifying.

… Spiritual experiences come and go. Awakenings even come and go, but it’s ‘my life’ which remains. It’s my life — totally ignorant, or my life totally like Buddha nature, fully realized and cognized — it’s still my life! How can that be possible if there was not an original fragmentation, an original act of sacrifice? That original act of sacrifice is literally what brings diversity, without which there is no “you” or “I.” There’s no you or me. There would be none! So this is only half the story. The other half of the story is that that original sacrifice of unity happened so that the diversity could take place, and has to be reconciled at precisely that level where that uniqueness is being savored. So as soon as each and every one of us realizes how unique this life is, this existence, there is already the energy — the momentum is generated — so that that possibility of reconciliation can literally take place. And that reconciliation cannot take place unless there is an act of sacrifice…”    – Igor Kufayev – from the ‘Offering’ Darshan at Falkirk Center, San Rafael, CA. Nov 2014


It is It is often very challenging to surrender to the all-consuming fire of the Divine, and the understanding we find in the Sangha circle, the support we are giving each other, is very significant.


But not only that – since the ways of Shakti are magical, we often complement each other and are mirrors to each other in such orchestrated ways, that only divine intelligence can evoke. At times it can be difficult, because we trigger our biggest resistances and fears, and yet we always experience the safety of a container, that is held and protected by the loving guidance of our Teacher, for the purpose of our own evolution. At other times it can be a blast, sharing the most exalted states of bliss and liberation. We truly walk through lifetimes together, willing to be naked without masks, vulnerable, encouraging and transparent. What we taste, learn and integrate in short time here among each other allies our hearts forever.


… this individual experience is only possible because there was this act of sacrifice. Hence, reclaiming the state of Oneness can only be done through the way that Oneness was dismembered, fragmented. And you can find traces of that mystery in every meaningful ritual, in every meaningful performance. It’s literally recreating that, re-creating or trying to recreate that sacrifice — that original sacrifice. That original rupture has to be bridged, sealed, healed. And in order to feel the totality and wholeness and to feel truly, truly whole again, that sacrifice is paramount…” 

– Igor Kufayev – from the ‘Offering’ Darshan at Falkirk Center, San Rafael, CA. Nov 2014


We are blessed to share the recognition of the indescribable nature of this Teaching and to give ourselves into this incredibly profound process side by side.

Therefore we reach out across that vast pond, that reflects the magnitude of this experience which we all share, and the gratefulness we hold in our hearts, to wish our brothers and sisters a wonderful time of celebration with their families and loved ones.


Jai Guru Dev
Om Namah Shivaya
With Love,
The Teacher & the European Sangha
Picture 1 : “The Heart of Knowing” Immersion, September 2017
Picture 2 : “Entering the Heart” Immersion at Stowell Lake Farm, Salt Spring Island BC, Canada, June 2016
Picture 3 : “Divine Intoxication” Immersion, May 2016
Picture 4 : “Shanta Rasa” Immersion at Stowell Lake Farm, Salt Spring Island BC, Canada, June 2017

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  1. Sending a warm embrace, much love and happiness… May the harvest be one of joy, silence and healing and may we all sow plenty beautiful seeds in this coming year, that can sprout and grow in the best circumstances and become an abundant harvest for the years to come ♥ Love you all

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